Burp Suite Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you use Burp Suite a lot then you’ll no doubt love the interface – moving between tools is really fast and the interface is just friendly; however I recently heard someone complaining that it’s annoying that it’s mouse-only and you can’t use hotkeys to swap between tabs and move between tools…but you can!

It’s all there by default, it just seems that many people I talk to haven’t seen the right tab, so to save you all digging around here’s a screenshot of the right bit:

So they’re all there and they’re there by default, a quick TL;DR of my favourites:

Send to Repeater Ctrl+R
Send to Intruder Ctrl+I
Forward intercepted Proxy message Ctrl+F
Toggle Proxy interception  Ctrl+T
Switch to Target   Ctrl+Shift+T
Switch to Proxy   Ctrl+Shift+P
Switch to Scanner   Ctrl+Shift+S
Switch to Intruder   Ctrl+Shift+I
Switch to Repeater   Ctrl+Shift+R
Go to previous tab   Ctrl+Minus
Go to next tab   Ctrl+Equals
Previous search match Ctrl+Comma
Next search match Ctrl+Period
URL-encode key characters Ctrl+U
HTML-encode key characters Ctrl+H
Base64-encode Ctrl+B 

(Add shift to invert, e.g. Ctrl+Shift+U to URL decode)